What do you get when you mix airsoft with paintball?

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Mulan Squad is now accepting challengers!

Attention all enthusiasts and teams, City Hunter's Mulan Squad is now accepting challengers for both friendly and competitive matches in City Hunter, their home field here in Hong Kong.

They have recently taken a couple of awesome photos, which are shown below for your pleasure!

Clockwise from bottom left:
Vivian Ko, Fatima Lam, Minerva Wong, and last but not least Alice Ho

To contact the girls at Mulan Squad, please contact Simon at enquiry@cityhunter.com.hk

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National Airsoft Girls UK

Founded in 2008, the National Airsoft Girls or NAG is a non-profit organization/network based in UK aimed at bringing together females in the World-wide Airsoft Community. Although anyone world-wide is eligible to join in their chats and discussions, NAG is targeted specifically at creating a networked squad of UK based female teams and individuals; and of course making Airsoft more accessible and friendly to girls!

The Ladies at NAG are also releasing a calender for 2010 featuring REAL Airsoft girls from the NAG team! The Calenders will not only serve as a pretty wall hanger it will also show important dates in the UK airsoft community, with site locations and details of various Airsoft retailers!

Want to join up? For more information go here

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Hit or Miss? You Decide! #2

The Hit or Miss Board is a place where each week (Friday) we at Redwolf, will place an Airsoft Gun or a piece of gear in either the "Hit" or "Miss" side of the board, Of course, Redwolf won’t be the ones deciding, you will have complete control of where we place the gun on our Hit or Miss board by voting right here.

Remember, this board is not a measurement of how much it costs, or how it performs... it’s just a measurement of how tacticool it is!

For the 2nd installment of "Hit or Miss", we have the Cactus Hobbies Army Mask. If you have played the game Army of Two, then you will know what these masks are all about.

Airsoft Jenga! Airsoft Jenga!
The masks in Army of Two Cactus Hobbies "Army" Masks

- Eyes are made of 22 gauge wire mesh to prevent BB Penetration
- Comfortable Fit from foam cushion pads located inside the mask
- Spider-type 5-point strap
- Contoured design for maximum airflow
- Rubber coated interior to avoid "fiberglass smell"
- Withstood 500++FPS BBs at Point Blank Range

Airsoft Jenga! Airsoft Jenga! Airsoft Jenga!
The 5-point spider-type strap ensures that the mask fits snugly Rubber coated to avoid fibreglass smell Our very own model has proved that it's a great fashion accessory also.

Go to the Hit or Miss landing page to see which products are a "hit" or "miss"

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SOCOMGEAR will be releasing a fully-licensed Barrett M82 (M107) AEG this April, that has a  1:1 scale to the real one. Even the materials used externally are the same as can be found on the real M82. This gun features a version 2 gearbox inside. We will be taking PRE-ORDERS for this very very soon - stay tuned! 

ETA: April, 2009

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1st Commercially Sponsored All Female CQB Airsoft Team in Hong Kong!

One of the premier CQB skirmish sites in Hong Kong –“City Hunter”, is providing a short training course for girls in Hong Kong interested to become the HK's first all girls CQB Airsoft Team at a very low and affordable cost, the course however will be taught in Cantonese, Mandarin and/or English.

After graduating, the girls will be given a choice to join the “Mulan” squad to represent City Hunter whereupon they will be presented a full set of BDUs (excluding boots), and assigned a rifle and a pistol for personal use.

As an official City Hunter representative, they will be able to practice at City Hunter at any time for no charge, and if they organize CQB games with their friends, they would enjoy a nice little discount.

For more information, please contact: enquiry@cityhunter.com.hk

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Testing the GAMMA M33 Claymore: Photos

Here are some more photos of the GAMMA from Dandman. They show the GAMMA M33 Claymore at it's very best, ejecting a whole load of BB's! 

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Madbull Airsoft: Daniel Defense and Tromix Official Licensing!

Madbull Airsoft has acquired official licensing from Daniel Defense and Tromix. Expect high quality licensed Daniel Defense replicas for the airsoft market within 2 months and Tromix Airsoft guns from ECHO1USA in 3 months. Only Mad Bull (ISGK) has Daniel Defense and Tromix 's blessing to produce their replicas. 

* replicas come modified so they are not able to be applied on real firearms.

Lorem ipsum

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Berget 6 - Redwolf Airsoft are sponsoring the game!

Redwolf are proud sponsors of Berget 6 - possibly the biggest airsoft event in Europe, which takes place between 24th-29th June. We will be there at the game with our very own booth, providing you with all your airsoft needs, whether it be advice, upgrades or repairs (there will be a couple of our highly-trained technicians at our booth). What's more, we are donating a superb custom Type 96 as a Berget Raffle prize and we have more prizes to give away - come visit our booth at Berget 6 to sign-up for our newsletters and automatically be entered into the draw to win a Redwolf Custom AEG, we will also be running an Airsoft Practical Shooting Competition and the winner of that competition will win an Airsoft Surgeon custom Glock 17.

Airsoft Surgeon G17 - prize in the Redwolf APSC competition RWC Type 96 - Berget Raffle Prize

We're looking forward to seeing you all, so don't be shy, drop by and have a chat with us!

Following is taken from www.berget-events.com/b6

What is Berget 6?

Berget 6 is intended to be the biggest international airsoft event 2008. We intend to give people from all over the world the opportunity to have a great airsoft experience and meet others alike. The game will raise airsoft gaming to a new level with elements of vehicle-convoys and airsoft-tank vs airsoft-tank firefights.

Berget 6 will invite both manufacturers and retailers to sell and show their latest products in the main Safe-zone. After the game, we will launch a huge beer party where all players can gather and have a nice evening together with the locals.

Tickets will be released periodically under October, November and January. The game will take place in Härnösand area in early summer of 2008. The ticket-price is 96 EURO.

The game area will be forest style with roads/tracks and some minor "military" objects on it. However it will not be devided into zones, it will be one big area. There is no underground bunker or fort on this game. 

This is not the same game-area as berget 5.

Times, Dates & Location
Location: Sweden - Härnösand

Harnosand map to game-area 

Google direction on map

Date: Wednesday the 25th - Sunday 29th of June 2008
Check in opens: Tuesday 24th 09:00 CET
Pre-game Gathering: All players shall gather in Safe-zone 19:00 CET the 25th.

Game start: 22:00 CET Wednesday the 25th
Game ends: 20:00 CET Saturday the 28th.
Beer party starts: 21:00 CET Saturday the 28th
Beer party ends: 03:00 CET Sunday the 29th

Safezone, Gamearea and parking wont be open until tuesday the 24:th 09:00. Before that you have to stay at camping or hostel in Härnösand city.

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Sponsoring Season Opening 2008 event (Russia)

Открытие 2008 / Season Opening 2008

In support of the Russian airsoft scene, or known as strikeball locally, we are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring two of the competitions in this year's Season Opening 2008. This airsoft event takes place in a beautifully scenic pine wood 70km out of Moscow and is organised by Airsoftgun.ru.

Season Opening is the biggest game of the year, with a turnout of 1000-1200 players, and runs for two days (with camp sites, parties as well as competitions). The starting date is 1st May 2008, please click here to find out more about the game (in Russian) or click here for an English version translated by Babelfish. 


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